My name is Tiana Lee Gonzalez.  I am a native New Yorker, currently residing in the suburbs just north of New York City.  I am a Personal Trainer with a diverse background and professional experience.  Currently, I work at a health club training members one-on-one.  I also own an online business called Fit by Tiana, which allows me to virtually train people anywhere in the world.  After working in the Corporate World for 13 years, and always helping others in the gym, offering nutrition advice, teaching dance classes, etc., I took a leap of faith and left the desk for the weight room full-time!  It was time to pursue my passion with no distractions or half-way attempts.  It was quite possibly the best move I have ever made for myself.

In addition to having a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Binghamton University,  I also have my Pro Card in the Figure Division of the IFBB, International Federation of Body Building and Fitness.  These two accomplishments are my most precious thus far… but we’re just getting started!  I have a background in dance, martial arts, music, and the theater.

My primary focus with this blog is health, fitness, and wellness, but I will from time to time write about other topics, because everything in life is intertwined.  That is what makes us human and interesting, isn’t it?

Thank you for joining me here and taking a peek at what I have to share.




For more information on Fit by Tiana:
email: fitbytiana@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. hello Tiana,

    I draw more respect for personal trainer than a doctor.
    You work on prevention and prevention is better than cure.. My sincere thanks on making yourself fit and making this blog for the world to stay fit.

    my best wishes and take care


  2. You are an inspiration to those in your world as well as the world around you. Look forward to reading more posts on your journey

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